10th Annual Blue Jay Quilt Walk: September, 2018 Opportunity Quilt (See to the Right)...

Mini-Quilt Challenge Quilt Walk Votes

"Celebration" 24 x 24

 (Celebrating You!)


Comfort Quilts

As a guild, we create new quilts for those who need them in our local community.

  • Elaine Shaw- Chairperson

Block of the Month

Learn new patterns and join in to help us create new quilts for the Blue Jay Quilt Walk.

  • Debra Claypool- Chairperson

Quilt Challenge

Need a challenge? 

  • Jen Lanak- Chairperson

"Cup of Comfort"

Help us by creating a quilt blocks to comfort somebody who needs a little warmth.

  • Debra Claypool- Chairperson

Opportunity Quilt Coordinator

Blue Jay Quilt Walk

  • Yolanda Douglas- Chairperson

Annual Blue Jay Quilt Walk

Jump in and help us make a difference during our annual Blue Jay Quilt Walk.

  • Nancy Novak- Chairperson

Tonee White

Our wool specialist.

Pat Montgomery

Founder of Willow Woods Quilt Guild

Auction Quilts

Thank you to the commitment of our membership.